Policy Summary

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IAG Policy Sumary

The Purpose of IAG

The purpose of this document is to outline the TaylorITEX CIC approach to the provision of information, advice and guidance (IAG) services.

Our Offer

People need easy access to high quality IAG on learning and work to enable them to make effective life decisions and choices about:

  • Developing basic skills
  • Learning, training and work
  • Career management
  • Personal Development

Information – will be available about learning and training opportunities, availability of finance, childcare opportunities, labour market information, occupational profiles, sector profiles, self-help materials on applying for jobs and sources of further help and support.

Advice – Providing an immediate response to the needs of clients who present or reveal a need that requires more than a straightforward information response.  It is usually limited to helping with the interpretation and meeting needs already clearly understood by the client.  Advice involves helping individuals to interpret information and choose the next step

Guidance – Those requiring full career guidance will be referred to an appropriately qualified Advisor, who has experience of giving such advice and able to keep abreast of the current climate.  Learners may also be signposted to agencies such as the National Careers Service or other organisations (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau) for additional support.

What Our Learners Can Expect

All TaylorITEX CIC staff involved in the delivery of the IAG service are expected to support current and potential learners, employers and partners to make informed choices by giving IAG that is:

  • Impartial: We won’t only look at learning programmes delivered by TaylorITEX CIC. We will help clients look at what other providers are offering. They will be told how to find out more – perhaps given a phone number or website address.
  • Confidential: Nothing from the discussion will be shared with anyone else without the client’s knowledge or permission
  • Fair: Clients will be treated fairly and equally, in line with the TaylorITEX CIC Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Transparent: Learners will be told what will happen. If, at any time, learners do not understand what is going on, they will be encouraged to ask their tutor/assessor to explain.

TaylorITEX CIC is committed to providing a quality service to all service users including learners, employees, tutors and volunteers by delivering up-to-date, clear, concise and jargon-free information to ensure that any goals that an individual may have are identified and addressed. We will provide information and advice about learning and work to our learners at the following stages:

  • Pre-Learning
  • Course Induction
  • On-Learning
  • Post-Learning
  • At any time

A copy of our complete IAG policy is available on request use the link at the bottom of the page to download a copy.

The National IAG Board Principles for Coherent Delivery in IAG Services

Accessible and Visible – IAG services that are recognised and trusted by clients, have convenient entry points from which clients may be signposted or referred to the services which most closely meet their needs and are open at times and in places which suit clients’ needs;

Professional and Knowledgeable – IAG frontline staff have the skills and knowledge to identify quickly and effectively the client’s needs. They also have the skills and knowledge either to address the client’s needs or to signpost or to refer them to suitable alternative provision;

 Effective Connections – links between IAG services are made clear from the client’s perspective.  Where necessary, clients are supported in their transition between services;

Availability, Quality and Delivery of IAG services – this is targeted at the needs of clients, and is informed by social and economic priorities at local, regional and national levels;

 Diversity – in the range of IAG services reflects the diversity of clients’ needs;

Impartial – IAG services supporting clients to make informed decisions about learning and work based on the client’s needs and circumstances;

Responsive – to present and future needs of clients;

 Friendly – and welcoming IAG services encouraging and motivating clients to engage successfully with the service;

 Enabling – services encouraging and supporting clients to become lifelong learners by enabling them to access and use information to plan their careers;

 Learning and Work – IAG services that support clients to explore the implications for both learning and work in their future career plans;

 Awareness – young people and adults are made aware of the IAG services that are relevant to them, and have well informed expectations of those services.

This Policy will be reviewed annually

TaylorITEX CIC IAG Policy 01.09.2015