Digital Employability Course

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Employers rate operating a digital device – a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone –  as important to the majority of roles in their organisation. Today almost every job relies on some aspect of technology: whether it’s sitting at a PC in an office, working at a checkout or delivering parcels. In addition to this applying for positions almost always requires the use of technology – from developing a CV, attaching it to an email, posting it online or filling in online application forms. Using the internet to find a vacancy can be a challenge to many, sometimes soaking up a great deal of time with few useful results. This course is designed to provide the skills required to use technology and the internet to simplify and enhance job searches and applications. It is suitable for those with little experience in IT as well as those who are familiar with technology but who would appreciate assistance developing their online presence with a focus on employment. By attending this two day, twelve hour, course you will be able to:-

  • Create an email account
  • Attach files
  • Save and print emails
  • Register with Universal Job Match
  • Upload your CV to Universal Job Match
  • Search and identify suitable jobs
  • Apply for jobs online
  • Use Word to create and save documents
  • Create a table
  • Use Social Media, – Facebook and Twitter
  • Identify potential employers

The course is suitable for all levels of learners and appropriate needs can be taken into consideration for all learners.  We will discuss this with you before you enrol to ensure you are on the most suitable course. To discuss this course or your other training needs please call our Course Advisor on 01205 360800 or email

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