English For Speakers of Other Languages Course

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Learning English or improving what you already know is really useful if you want to study, get on in work or learn more about your rights and responsibilities. And, if you have children, it is a great way to help them with their schoolwork.

The best way to learn or improve your English is to take an English for Speakers of Other Languages course, often known as ESOL.

The course teacher will always check what level of English you have already reached and suggest the course that will be most suitable for you. Your class will also include people who have a similar level of English to you, and the teaching will be friendly, informal and fun. The ESOL course will include speaking, reading, writing and listening as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The course is suitable for all levels of learners and appropriate needs can be taken into consideration for all learners.

We will discuss this with you before you enrol to ensure you are on the most suitable course. To discuss this course or your other training needs please call our Course Advisor on 01205 360800 or emailĀ enquiries@tayloritex.co.uk

Call our Course Advisor on 01205 360800 to chat about our courses in detail