Using ICT in the Workplace Course

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The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the workplace, educational institutions, and the home has grown appreciably in recent years. ICT products are now used by most people, ranging from mobile phones and digital TVs through to personal computers and the World Wide Web. As information and communication technology has become more sophisticated it has isolated some of us who find it difficult to use or even intimidating. This can leave us feeling we don’t have the skills for some jobs and struggling to complete tasks that others seem to find easy. As technology becomes more pervasive, particularly in the workplace, it can become a real barrier to success. This course focuses on providing skills, experience and confidence for those learners who struggle to make the most of technology. It focuses on completing workplace tasks, such as researching and creating documents with text, graphics and numerical information using commonly used tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Email
  • The Internet

On completion of this four day, 25 hour course, you will:

  • Know the importance of making effective use of ICT in the workplace
  • Be able to identify the ICT requirements of workplace tasks
  • Be able to make safe use of an ICT system to undertake workplace tasks
  • Be able to use ICT to find and select information in the workplace

Completion of this course, via the creation of a portfolio, leads to an Entry 3 Aim Award for ICT In The Workplace. The course is suitable for learners who have a little experience of ICT but who feel they would benefit from taking a structured course. Appropriate needs can be taken into consideration for all learners.  We will discuss this with you before you enrol to ensure you are on the most suitable course. To discuss this course or your other training needs please call our Course Advisor on 01205 360800 or email

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