Functional Skills Course

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Functional Skills is a suite of qualifications suitable for anyone wanting to develop their English and Mathematics in order to improve aspects of their life – with a focus on work, moving forward to further learning or on more personal or social aspects. On entering a Functional Skills course each learner will have an interview with the tutor who will carry out an assessment of their current level for English and Maths. They can then begin a programme of work allowing them to move up to the next level available. These qualifications are available from Entry 1 through to Level 2, covering everything from the very basics to more advanced skills. They are supported by a variety of assessment options depending on the specific qualification taken and are designed to reflect the various needs of learners. Learners will complete examinations in reading, writing, and speaking and listening. Guidance and assistance will be given throughout to help the learners achieve the maximum qualification they are capable of at this time. The Functional Skills course is a rolling programme as each individual will take a different length of time to complete their qualification – depending on the level they start from and what other commitments they have, for example. The course is delivered in a flexible way, corresponding to each learner’s needs and the needs of the group overall. A number of teaching methods are used, including:

  • Tutor presentation/demonstration/whole class teaching
  • Using white-board/flip chart
  • Discussion
  • Work in small groups/pairs
  • Role playing exercise
  • Q&A
  • Quiz
  • Pairs/groups work
  • Individual work
  • E-learning and technology

The course is suitable for all levels of learners and appropriate needs can be taken into consideration for all learners.  We will discuss this with you before you enrol to ensure you are on the most suitable course.

To discuss this course or your other training needs please call our Course Advisor on 01205 360800 or email

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